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Archives: Who is it? Where is it?

Worcester State University Archives and Special Collections

Unidentified people and places from Worcester State's history

The WSU Archives holds hundreds of photographs showing people, places or events that lack identification. This page features some of those. If you can identify any of these, please email the Archivist at Updates will be posted here as they become available. 

Do you know who this is?


This image from the 1970s was found in materials related to the WSU Nursing Program. Do you know who she is? If so, please email the archivist at

UPDATE: This is a portrait of Frances Lavine Hiatt (1909-1980). A friend of Lillian Goodman, she with her husband Jake, funded WSU's first nursing lab. 

Do you know who this is?

Can you identify this mysterious man from a 1982 image? If so, please email the archivist at

UPDATE: This is a photo of Bob Watkins ('82), taken by Don Bullens. 

Do you know where this is?

This 1982 image shows the WSU Men's Crew team. Where did they practice? Where did they store their equipment? If you know the answer or if you were a member of the Men's or Women's Crew Team, please email the archivist:

UPDATE:  The Worcester State Crew Club used Lake Quinsigamond for their practice and their equipment storage. If you were a member of the Crew/Rowing Club from the 1970s-1990s (or know somebody who was), the Archivist wants to learn more about the program. 

Lake Ellie

(Photo by Don Bullens)

This 1983 image shows students relaxing around Lake Ellie. How did the lake get its name? If you know the answer, please email the Archivist

UPDATE: Campus legend tells of a woman named Ellie who enjoyed strolling around this pond. Do you know who Ellie might have been, or when this legend began?