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Worcester State University Archives and Special Collections

How do I discover Archives Collections?

A Finding Aid is a document that describes an archival collection. It includes information about the contents, the size, and history of the collection. Click here for more information.  

Finding Aids for WSU archives collections are available as PDFs, just click on a collection title in the boxes below. 

Some historical publications have full text available. See below for more information. 

WSU Archives Finding Aids

Collections related to Worcester State include core historical materials such as course catalogs, yearbooks, and commencement materials as well as selected faculty papers, student papers, and information about events, programs, and the campus.  

The American Journal of School Hygiene (Full text)

Edited by Lawrence A. Averill, head of the Department of School Hygiene and Educational Psychology at Worcester State (Normal School), The American Journal of School Hygiene was published quarterly from 1917-1922. Articles include those related to children’s mental and physical health, school building sanitation, reviews of national and international physical education programs, school medical care, school infrastructure including lighting and plumbing, special problems of rural schools, books reviews, and notes from national organizations including the American School Hygiene Association. After 1922, the journal was renamed School Hygiene Review and disappears from national catalog records after 1923.

This collection includes volumes 1-5. 

Vol. 1. March 1917

Vol. 2. March 1918

Vol. 3. March 1919

Vol. 4. March 1920

Vol. 5. March 1921

The Library and its Administration (Full text)

Special Collections Finding Aids

The WSU Special Collections includes the papers of Poet and activist Dennis Brutusthe Malcolm Gordon Cartoon Collection, and the Edward J. Zysk Labor Collection. Collections available for research are listed in the finding aids below.

Rare Books

The Rare Books collection includes more than 400 rare or unique items. Included are examples of bindings and illustrations from the mid 19th to the mid 20th centuries. There are also a small number of signed editions or limited print runs.

About 75% of rare books are cataloged and can be found in the library's online catalog

  • On the Location dropdown select ARCHIVE and then search. 

100% of rare books are listed by title or by author in the documents below.