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Criminal Justice Research Guide: Overview

A good starting point for finding resources in criminal justice

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Credo Reference - a supercharged Wikipedia including encyclopedias and dictionaries from across disciplines.  More than 900 full text reference books.  Click a button and your search can be continued in our article databases or the WSU Library's Online Catalog

Contains images, sound files, animations, videos and topic pages that organize research tools available for your topic. There is also a concept map, interactive software to map out and focus your chosen research topic.


Subject specialized full text eBooks. 

West's Encyclopedia of American Law  2nd edition, 13 vols. Provides current information on more than 5,000 legal topics. Includes completely revised articles covering important issues, biographies, definitions of legal terms and more.

Gale Encyclopedia of Everyday Law  3rd edition, 2 vols (2013) This encyclopedia containing: brief descriptions of each issue's historical background, covering important statutes and cases; profiles of various U.S. laws and regulations; and details of how laws and regulations vary from state to state.

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