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Criminal Justice Research Guide: Finding Legal Cases

A good starting point for finding resources in criminal justice

Lexis Nexis Academic

Lexis Nexis is a great place to start your research when looking for a specific legal case. 

Click on the link below and use the center search box labeled Look up a Legal Case and enter the citation or the party names, or a topic if you don't know specific cases. 

You can also select "US Legal" > "Federal and State cases" from the left side menu.  From this page select Massachusetts from the Jurisdiction drop-down menu and choose either citation or party names from the search menu. 


Search Tip

 As a shortcut, you can search by case name by simply entering the two party names separated by a "v." (like: Roe v. Wade) and click Search.

Understanding Case Names & Legal Citations

To find legal cases and to understand what they mean, it helps to understand how case names and legal citations work.

For a quick introduction go to the center box of this guide from Walsh University.

LexisNexis Search Box

To research legal cases, use this search box located in the center of the home page of the Lexis Nexis database.

Find Legal Cases Using LexisNexis Academic