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Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI): Spring 2017 -- Second round (Post Test)

OER Faculty Survey -- Post Test (May 2017)

11 faculty completed the survey.

1. Were librarians helpful in responding to questions/concerns about OER throughout the semester?


2. How often did you use library resources to plan the course, compared to other courses?


3. Will these course materials be used by other faculty?


4. Will these course materials be used...?

5. Do you plan to teach this class again using open educational resources?


6. Would you convert another course to OER in the future?


7. In your opinion, did OER help the students?

8. Would you encourage other faculty to participate in this grant-funded initiative?


9. Selected Comments

  • They felt they were better able to focus specifically on what was important as there was less overall material.
  • To a certain extent, I think the more non-traditional approach has peaked students interest at a higher level then other approaches.
  • OER provides an alternative to costly texts and watching videos is practical and instructional. It is like riding a bike, you can read all the literature about it, but watching a video of someone doing it may be better, and entertaining too.
  • Students seem more engaged and prepared.

OER Student Survey -- Post Test (May 2017)

77 students participated in the survey.

Demographic Data of the Students:

  •     The class level of the students


  •    Commuter students vs. Residential students


  •    Full-time vs. Part-time


OER Students Survey -- Post Test (May 2017)

1. How important is the cost of course materials when selecting a class?


2. When registering for classes, how useful would it be to know which courses or sections of courses utilizes free/reduced cost materials?

3. How have you liked the implementation of open educational resources in your course?


4. How have your opinions changed about the material since the beginning of the semester?


5. Compared to other courses, how often did you use resources acquired through the library?


6. Selected Comments

  • I think that more courses should not have textbooks because it saves the students money, and it is much easier to understand and relate to the course material.
  • OER is extremely helpful in the cost of college and makes materials easier to use.
  • I enjoyed using this type of text because it was easier to understand and follow.
  • Please keep this program available. I would urge having other professors adapt their course work to include similar teaching materials that utilize library's resources as opposed to using a single text book.