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Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI): Spring 2017 -- First Round (Pre Test)

OER Faculty Survey -- Pre Test (Feb 2017)

11 faculty completed the survey.

1. How did you find out about the program?

2. Were librarians helpful in responding to questions/concerns about OER throughout the application process?



3. How did you feel planning this course using OER materials?



4. What sorts of services did you need that the library did not provide?


I. "Very specific copyright questions that we do not have the institutional knowledge/expertise to answer."


II. "Making copies of the downloaded OER materials for class."


5. Additional comments


I. There will not be appropriate institutional support (outside of the library) and/or investment for OER and related cost-saving measures for our students.


II. I would like to see support for faculty who find that they need to change their pedagogical approach as a result of using OER. Ex: support for helping students learn to read materials that are not textbooks.


III. The issue I have run into is based on the course topic......I am optimistic I will be able to work out the issues, but this is something to be aware of for future initiatives.


IV. The only reason I say "somewhat pleased" is that I am still getting used to a new text and the normal bumps and hiccups that occur with a new adoption. That and not knowing if it will "work" so to speak for a semester. I hope to be very pleased by the end of the semester.


OER Student Survey -- Pre Test (Feb 2017)

100 students participated in the survey.


1. Demographic data of students participating in survey




2. How do you like this arrangement/material?

3. How important is the cost of instructional materials, such as textbooks, in selecting



4. How do you think the use of open educational resources will affect your learning in this class?

Comments from Students

  • Textbooks are very expensive so having a class using this type of method saves a lot of money. I also feel this type of instruction allows students to get the most out of their classes where the readings are not super long. The most essential information is given.

  • I've been a huge fan of this idea since I first heard of it a little over a year ago.

  • Having access to everything that you need to pass your class all online makes keeping up with the class easy

  • I think it will improve learning because the instructor will be able to shape the class and actually use the book instead of buying one and using three pages out of it