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Film Studies: Writing about Film

Ways to Write About Film

What kind of film writing are you working on?  There are many ways to do scholarly writing about film.  Some include:

  • formal analysis
  • film history
  • ideological analysis
  • Mise en scene
  • auteur
  • national cinema and cultural studies

Try some of the resources below to learn more about the kind of writing you're doing.

Worcester State University Writing Center

Worcester State University Writing Center

Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, you can turn to the Writing Center for help with all your writing projects. We provide assistance with writing across all academic disciplines, excluding editorial and proofreading services.Visit the writing Center to get started.

Location: 306 Sullivan Academic Center

Contact: 508-929-8112

         Five Step Writing Guide

Film History

Guides to Writing about Film

The following books are helpful guides to writing about film and are available in the WSU Library.