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Research 101: Overview

Begin Here

There are over 12 billion pages posted to the WWW that are open to search engines, and another 200 billion pages that are "hidden" or buried in Deep Web databases as on-demand content. That's an incredible amount of material to sift through. When you are surfing the Web for news, sports, weather and entertainment you may not beaware of how much material is available, and how much poor quality or irrelevant material is posted online.

 Try these seven steps outlined below for a simple and effective search strategy to find information for your research paper, project or presentation. Depending on your topic and your familiarity with the library, you can adapt this outline for your needs.

  1.  Identify and Focus Your Topic
  2.  Find Background Information 
  3. Use Catalogs to find Books & Media
  4. Find Internet resources
  5. Using Databases to find Articles
  6. Evaluate What You Find
  7. Document Your Sources

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