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Citations Guide: Zotero Reference Manager

Citation management systems that can store all your research as well as put all your references into proper format. Also covers the most popular style manuals.

Why Use Zotero?

  1. Zotero is Free.
  2. It works with most popular browsers including Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
  3. It works with Windows, MacOS and Linux.
  4. It can help you collect, manage, cite, and share research.

Quick Introduction of Zotero by Idaho State University Libraries

Learn about Zotero in less than two minutes.


  • Go to 
  • Download and install the right version according to your computer system and preferred Internet browser.

What can Zotero do for you?

To learn Zotero at your own pace, please check the tutorials on Zotero website.


  • Capture and add item(s) on screen by one click
  • Create item(s) in Zotero
  • Add document to Zotero and retrieve PDF metadata


  • Create folders to sort your documents
  • Add tags or notes to items and make them more searchable
  • Detect duplicate


  • Citation Styles Database
  • Cite while writing with Word Processor Integration
  • Generate citation in a variety of options

Sharing & Collaborating

  • Cloud storage available to sync your library as backup
  • Organize groups with your collaborators and share the sources
  • Access and sync your library from different locations