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Citations Guide: Zotero

Citation management systems that can store all your research as well as put all your references into proper format. Also covers the most popular style manuals.

Zotero vs. EndNote Web

Which research tool is best for your needs?  This review from this Chronicle of Higher Education blog posting compares the two programs.

If EndNote Web is your choice, go to this page.

Documentation and Online Help

Learn about Zotero in less than three minutes

Zotero offers several screencast tutorials  to demonstrate its basic functions. 



Much of the material above has been adapted from the Research LibGuide “Zotero” created by Jason Puckett, Georgia State University Communication Librarian, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.

What is Zotero?

Zotero [zoh-TAIR-oh] is a free, easy-to-use tool to  help you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources.  It has all the features that you expect in a bibliographic management program and collects and organizes data from documents and media.  Zotero is a Firefox add-on and will work with any operating system and most browsers.  Zotero can be downloaded from this site:

Installing Zotero for Firefox

While Zotero will work with almost any operating system, it works best with the Firefox browser.  This video demonstrates the downloading process on the Firefox browser.  Once you have downloaded and installed Zotero for Firefox, install the Word Processor Plugins for Zotero 3.0-4.0 for Firefox

Installing Zotero Standalone for Chrome and Other Browsers

Zotero is designed for the Firefox browser and will work with most operating systems.  Zotero can also be used with other browsers such as Chrome and Safari as a stand-alone application.  To use Zotero with these browsers, go here and select the download for your browser.

Zotero for the iPad and Other Devices

You can use Zotero on the iPad browser by installing a "Bookmarklet," a special link that saves items directly to your Zotero account on the web.

You must have a Zotero account, and your iPad must be online, to use Zotero.

  1. Open in iPad Safari and bookmark it.
  2. Click “iPhone/iPad” and copy the code from the text box on the page.
  3. Edit the bookmark you just created.
  4. Change the bookmark name to "Save to Zotero".
  5. Paste the code from the text box as the URL for the bookmark.

When you're on a page with a citation, select the Save to Zotero bookmark. The iPad browser will save the citation directly to your Zotero library online.

There is not, as of yet,  an Android app for Zotero.  However, there is an app available for Android devices that allows the user to scan the ISBN's (International Standard Book Numbers) and transfer the bibliographic data to Zotero.  Be aware - there is a minimal charge for this app. 


This page was created by Patricia Fontes, Interim Reference Librarian, Spring 2013.