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Citations Guide: Adding Citations from the Most Popular Databases

Citation management systems that can store all your research as well as put all your references into proper format. Also covers the most popular style manuals.

Importing Records into EndNote Web

One of the best features of EndNote Web is the "Import" function. This allows you to import bibliographic information into EndNote Web and to avoid the tedious job of copying and pasting data into the proper bibliographic format.

Unfortunately, there is not a single process to import data from the wide range of sources available. There are a few research sites that offer a seamless process that exports data directly into EndNote Web. EndNote Web also offers a "Capture" function that works with some resources, but not with all.  See directions below for "Capture."

In general, however, the process is to identify the link provided to export the records and then follow the instructions to export.  Once the data is downloaded, the records can be imported into EndNote Web.  Many of the instructions require you to Import the data once it's saved to your computer. Look below for general instructions on How to Import Records into EndNote Web.

Before starting to import data into EndNote Web, you must first have EndNote Web up and running in the background. You also need to turn off the Pop Up Blocker for the process to work.  Instructions for turning off the Pop-Up Blocker are below.



Can't Export Records?

Many information sources do not offer an Export function for their bibliographic records. if you do not see an option to export records into EndNote Web, check to see if the source offers a pre-formatted bibliographic citation. If it does, try the “Capture” function (see the box above) or go to the Collect tab in EndNote Web and choose New Reference. Select the appropriate Reference Type then copy and paste the information into EndNote Web.


This page was created by Patricia Fontes, Interim Reference Librarian, Spring 2013.