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GOBI: How to request titles for purchase (For faculty): Home

A guide for History & Political Science faculty on requesting books through GOBI. Faculty in other subject areas should consult with their liaison.

GOBI Notifications

Distribution of GOBI notifications has been suspended due to changes in budgeting and acquisitions relayed to the COVID-19 pandemic. To make requests for purchase, please use an acquisitions form or contact Ross Griffiths. 


GOBI distributes notifications electronically.

  • GOBI notifications are lists of newly-published books and ebooks from a variety of publishers. 
  • Each notification is a catalog-style web form emailed in a link to department faculty by your library liaison. This gives department faculty shared access to the same notification. 
  • When faculty are finished reviewing and making purchase requests on a particular notification, your liaison reviews and approves requests and sends them for processing. 
  • A single notification may contain many titles. To avoid backlogs, faculty should review notifications  at least once per month. 
  • Ordering through GOBI is not required. You may continue to request titles directly through the Acquisitions Department

  • Linda Donahue, Acquisitions Assistant. 508-929-8540
  • Ross Griffiths, Liaison for History & Political Science. 508-929-8391

More details about GOBI

How notifications are created.

Your liaison creates parameters such as call number ranges, formats, and key words. High-volume subjects may be broken down into several shorter notifications by call number range. 

Notification frequency.

Notifications are created and distributed once every 2 weeks at the beginning of the week. 

Additional GOBI notification features.  

GOBI notifications include reviews (when available) from different review services including CHOICE and Library Journal. Ebooks can be previewed. 

How to sort a notification list 

Notifications can be sorted using sort buttons at the top left of each page.  Different display options are available by using the display buttons at the top right of each page. 

GOBI notification activity period.

Each notification stays "live" for the full semester. Your liaison will notify you when he plans to close down notifications to future orders.