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Faculty Services: Liaison Program

Liaison Services

Liaison Librarians are designated for each academic department, center, and institute on campus. Assigned librarians will help you with library and information literacy instruction, collection development, research assistance, and other affiliated services. Meet your Liaison Librarian to discuss your library needs.

Liaison Librarians by Academic Area

Area Liaison Librarian
Biology Shu Qian, x8511
Business Administration and Economics Jorge Brown, x8531
Chemistry Shu Qian, x8511
Communication Sciences and Disorders Bill Lundmark, x8897
Communication Bill Shakalis, x8676
Computer Science Shu Qian, x8511
Criminal Justice Bill Shakalis, x8676
Earth, Environment, and Physics Shu Qian, x8511
Education Vicki Gruzynski, x8528
English Shu Qian, x8511
Ethnic Studies  Ross Griffiths, x8391
First Year Experience Vicki Gruzynski, x8528
Global Studies    Ross Griffiths, x8391
Health Sciences Bill Lundmark, x8897
History and Political Science Ross Griffiths, x8391
Honors Program  Vicki Gruzynski, x8528
Liberal Studies Jorge Brown, x8531
Mathematics Shu Qian, x8511
Nursing Bill Lundmark, x8897
Occupational Therapy Bill Lundmark, x8897
Philosophy Bill Shakalis, x8676
Psychology Matt Bejune, x8526
Sociology Bill Shakalis, x8676
Urban Studies Ross Griffiths, x8391
Visual and Performing Arts Matt Bejune, x8526
Women's Studies Jorge Brown, x8531
World Languages Vicki Gruzynski, x8528

Liaison Librarians by Centers and Institutes

Area Liaison Librarian
Academic Support Center Vicki Gruzynski, x8528
Center for Business and Industry  Jorge Brown, x8531
Center for Community Media  Bill Shakalis, x8676
Center for Effective Instruction  Vicki Gruzynski, x8528
Center for Entrepreneurship Jorge Brown, x8531
Center for Interdisciplinary Health Studies and Practice Bill Lundmark, x8897
Center for Pre-K-12 Initiatives in Education  Vicki Gruzynski, x8528
Center for Social Innovation Bill Shakalis, x8676
Center for STEM Research and Education Shu Qian, x8511
Center for Teaching and Learning Matt Bejune, x8526
Dennis Brutus/Merrill Goldwyn Center for Study of Human Rights  Ross Griffiths, x8391
The Honorable John J. Binienda Center for Civic Engagement Jorge Brown, x8531
Intensive English Language Institute  Vicki Gruzynski, x8528
Urban Action Institute Ross Griffiths, x8391
Latino Education Institute Vicki Gruzynski, x8528
The Math Center Shu Qian, x8511
The Spanish Clinic Vicki Gruzynski, x8528
Speech Language Hearing Center Bill Lundmark, x8897
Student Accessibility Services Matt Bejune, x8526
The Translation Center Vicki Gruzynski, x8528
Worcester Center for Crafts  Matt Bejune, x8526
The Writing Center Shu Qian, x8511