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Printing, Copying, and Scanning in the Library: How do I make a photocopy?

Copiers are located on the Library's 2nd floor.

Two copiers are located on the Library's 2nd floor next to the Circulation Desk and near the round center wall.  Copies are $.10 for single sided, $.20 for double sided. Pay with your OneCard. 

1. Position item(s) to be copied.

For single sheets or bound books or journals:

  • Lift lid and position item face down on glass in upper left corner. Gently close lid. 

For multiple loose sheets:

  •  Place items face up in stack feeder on top of lid.
  • Make sure items are not folded, stapled, or clipped together.

2. Select COPY option on printer and swipe OneCard



  • On OneCard reader, swipe your OneCard. 

  • On copier, press green PRINT button. Your copy will emerge on tray at the left. 

To load more money or check balances, use the OneCard machine located at the round center wall on the library's 2nd floor or visit the WSU OneCard webpage:

3. Remove all originals.


  •  When done, collect your copies from the tray below and remove your originals.