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Printing, Copying, and Scanning in the Library: How do I scan and email a document?

Copiers that scan are located on the library's 2nd floor.

The library copiers also scan documents. Copiers are next to the Circulation Desk and near the round center wall. on the library's 2nd floor. 

Scanning and emailing is free of charge. 

1. Position items to scan.

For single sheets or bound books or journals:

  • Lift lid and position item face down on glass in upper left hand corner. Gently close lid. 








For multiple loose sheets:

  •  Place items face up in stack feeder on top of lid.
  • Make sure items are not folded, stapled, or clipped together.

2. Select Scan option on copier

  • On copier, press SCAN button. 

  • On copier display screen:
    • Press SCAN 
    • Press SCAN TO EMAIL
    • Enter complete email address
    • Press ENTER

  • On copier, press green START button. Item(s) will automatically scan and transmit to the email address entered. 
    • The machine times out quickly, so move as rapidly as you can with your scanning. 

  • When finished, don't forget to collect your original from under the lid.